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YB-1300ES/1450ES/1650ES Automatic Flip Flop Laminating Machine

The latest achievements of laminating machine automation process,
flip flop collect paper instead of artificial collect paper, automatic positive and negative stacked in one pile,
liberating of your hands. Doing all by machines, you only checking.
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YB-1300ES/1450ES/1650ES Automatic Flip Flop Laminating Machine

YB-1300ES/1450ES/1650ES Automatic Flip Flop Laminating Machine


The latest achievements of laminating machine automation process, flip flop collect paper instead of artificial collect paper, automatic positive and negative stacked in one pile, liberating of your hands. Doing all by machines, you only checking.


1.High precision paper feeding mechanism
2.Bottom and top paper automatic tracking
3.Top Paper side pull gauge positioning accuracy
4.Bottom paper with Servo system, high speed and sensitive
5.Non-stop collection make continuous production 
6.Positive and negative stack of paper, automatic trimming
7.One key operation, fault automatic detection

8.Time Saving, Sophisticated laminating machine




Model YB-1300ES YB-1450ES YB-1650ES
Max Sheet Size 1300×1250mm 1450×1250mm 1650×1450mm
Min Sheet Size 500×500mm 500×500mm 500×500mm
Top Sheet Thickness 150-600g 150-600g 150-600g
Bottom Sheet Thickness A、B、C、E、F(Corrugated paper),(Industrial paperboard)
Max Speed 7500 7500 7500
Fitting Precision ±1mm ±1mm ±1mm
Dimensions 17.5×2.5×3M 18×2.5×3M 18.5×2.7×3M
Machine Weight 8000kg 8500kg 9000kg
Machine Power 16KW/380V 17KW/380V 18KW/380V
Pull Tight Seal Food Grade Self-Priming Pump 7 inch HMI security cargo seal