YB-1300D/1450D/1650D Automatic & Manual Laminating Machine

Manual & Auto Laminating machine, according to the actual production of users to select manually or automatically paper feeding, such as large volume / paper smooth, available feeder automatic paper feeding, otherwise can choose to manually paper feeding, regardless of the long working、short working、quality sheets and bad paper...

YB-1300D/1450D/1650D Automatic & Manual Laminating Machine


Manual & Auto Laminating machine, according to the actual production of users to select 
manually or automatically paper feeding, such as large volume / paper smooth, available 
feeder automatic paper feeding, otherwise can choose to manually paper feeding, regardless 
of the long working、short working、quality sheets and bad paper..
One Machine in Hand, No Worry of all Laminating



1.Unique front gauge positioning system, positioning accuracy, the bottom paper never exceed, top paper exceed can be adjusted.


2.Equipped with high precision and high speed feeder system, strengthening paper feeding device, feeding smoothly.


3.Bottom paper using suction automatic feeding, according to main machine running speed, automatic tracking continuity.


4.Inported electrical components ensure the stability of the electrical system. PLC tracking technology, automatic fault alarm.


5.Fully automatic glue suplement system, can automatically replenish the loss of the glue, and cooperated, with the lue recycling. 


6.The scientific design of the roller line speed make sure the uniformity of the gule, at the same time to avoid glue being threw off during high speed running


7.Floating type movable pressing belt, ensure that the laminated paper will not be crushed and also ensure the sheets smooth straight.


8.Independent water tank control cycle, ensure the bottom paper back dry and clean, and cleaning glue rollers, glue collecting tank, back glue tank at the same time.


9.Single side adjustment of the pressure roller, and equipped with a pressure gauge, with the record of the data , easy adjustment when change the size of bottom paper.


10.Manual /Auto two function universal model


11.Long working, short working


12.Quality paper, bad sheets


13.Flute laminating, cardboard laminating


14.Cardboard to cardboard ( option )


15.Small quantity working -- Manual Feeding


16.Big quantity working -- Feeding Feeding


17.Curve top sheets – Manual Feeding



Model YB-1300D YB-1450D YB-1650D
Max Sheet 1300×1250mm 1450×1250mm 1650×1450mm
Min Sheet 400×400mm 400×400mm 400×400mm
Top Paper Thickness 150g-600g 150g-600g 150g-600g
Max Speed 6000 Sheets/hour 6000 Sheets/hour 6000 Sheets/hour
Fitting Precision ±1.5mm ±1.5mm ±1.5mm
Measurement 10×2×2.4M 10×2.2×2.4M 10×2.4×2.4M
Machine Weight 4500kg 5000kg 5500kg
Machine Power 10KW/380V 11KW/380V 12KW/380V
Bottom Paper Thickness A、B、C、E、F、AB、BB、BC、EE(Corrugated paper),(Industrial paperboard)
Pull Tight Seal Food Grade Self-Priming Pump 7 inch HMI security cargo seal